Character of Regents Walk
Aubrey's Dad
Group Adults
Comic Pages 4
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
Family Aubrey (son)
Others Ms. Goodwin (enemy)

Aubrey's Dad is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He is a proud Wasco-Wishram tribesman living on the outskirts of Firetown with his son.


Taking whatever job he can to achieve the most basic of incomes, typically outdoor contract work, he also takes his son to the nearby reservation often which he considers a second home, and to see his father. He is highly defensive of his heritage and refuses to be looked down upon or put down, and in doing so, pushes away most anyone who might try to be friends. While still married, his wife is currently out of the picture, so he raises Aubrey alone.


Big Blue (Chapter One)

He can be partially seen after Aubrey and Ethan hang out in front of the school, when he drives his son away in his truck. His first real appearance is during a play rehearsal, when he barges in with Dr. Filmore at his side and angrily pulls his son out of the play, embarrassing him and striking fear into the other kids. Ms. Goodwin clearly doesn't like him for being so emotional about it and also, as she sees it, trying to ruin her play. But she quickly moves on.



He is shown to be both strict with and protective of his son. As seen in the rehearsal incident, Aubrey is used to this behavior and was hoping he wouldn't be dragged out of something once again for reasons he'll never understand. Of course, as a child, he doesn't understand that parents can overreact, and has to simply follow orders.