Character of Regents Walk
Full Name Bennett Rudolph Laverdiere
Birthday Sep. 3, 1980
Starring Chapter Unknown
Group Mains
Total Pages 17
Family Adrian (brother)

Candace (sister)

Friends Unknown
Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown
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Bennett Laverdiere is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He is one third of the "Laverdiere Triplets", the first set of triplets born in Widow's Perch in twenty years; an event that made the back pages of the local newspaper. He is known for his typically calm demeanor and love of art and dance. He is one of the twelve Mains.


A student at Widow's Perch Elementary, Bennett lives with his family in one of the nicer neighborhoods in town, but nearly across town from the Development. He grew up as neighbors with Edgar and is a little frightened of him. He is the soft-spoken one amongst the triplets, but is intelligent and observant, and frequently wins board games.

Big Blue (Chapter One)

Bennett, like his siblings, is in Mrs. Hambridge's class. He says nothing about himself during introductions to Ms. Goodwin, just like Candace. At lunch the following day, he sits with his siblings and he and Candace complain about Adrian always sneaking cookies into his lunchbox. He is a little awkward on stage, as evident in how he turns his lines into questions during the first play rehearsal. During their first computer lesson, he has to muffle his brother's mouth before he exclaims loudly about getting to watch a video again.

Appearances In Stories

In Mrs. Hambridge's class in School, he runs into Channing on their first day, introduces himself, and tells her that she should probably take her seat as class is beginning. He is then quickly overshadowed by his brother's antics.



He receives the second most attention from his parents, behind his brother, but is the quietest of the three, keeping most of his thoughts to himself and rarely complaining. He has a strange relationship with his dad, who seems to be trying to build him into a reflection of himself; a classic man's man, basically, but only because Adrian is too much of a goofball and Bennett isn't. Sometimes he prefers to play with his sister, as their games tend to be less... loud.


  • His name, starting with a B, suggests that he was born second.