Character of Regents Walk
Full Name Channing Yamaguchi
Birthday January 26th, 1981
Starring Chapter (Stories) School (ch.1)
Group Shadows
Comic Pages 11
Family Harper (sister)

Sterling (brother)

Friends Gladys


Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown

Channing Yamaguchi is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is of Japanese descent. She is highly observant of others but generally kind and often befriends kids who have none or few other friends. She is one of the twelve Shadows, and her tale is the first in the Stories written series, titled "School".


A student at Widow's Perch Elementary, Channing is the youngest child of three, and her older brother and sister are already upperclassmen at Widow's Perch High. She is a second generation Japanese American, her grandfather having come to the States as a child. In her story, School, her first day in first grade is recounted, and through her eyes we get to see how much of the rest of the cast is first introduced to each other.


Big Blue (Chapter One)

She is in Mrs. Hambridge's class. She first speaks when Ms. Goodwin asks her to introduce herself, but she can't think of anything to say before Joshua interrupts her. Her first classroom scene takes place during a math lesson, where she awkwardly crawls over to the Ethan's group's desk, looking for the plastic bears that Mitchell threw all over the place. She can later be seen with her friend Gladys at recess.

Appearances In Stories

The very first short story, School, is from her perspective; see the chapter synopsis.



She has a good relationship with her entire family, and looks up to them for life lessons and kindness. Her grandfather and grandmother especially seem to be caring and watchful of her, though both of her teenage siblings, Harper and Sterling, are protective and helpful as well, despite a little bit of teasing. Her mom tries hard to resist spoiling her. Her dad, a busy accountant, does his best to make time, and the two watch movies together when they can.


Gladys is Channing's best friend, and the only one she has by the time first grade starts. She sees Gladys as a good person and pretty much ignores her allergy problems, as they're no fault of her own. The two attended kindergarten together.


Channing forms a friendship with her simply because she feels sad for her after watching her cry because she had gotten on the wrong bus. She later learns that Savanna is also pretty judgmental of other kids, but still gets along with her well enough to be invited to hang out at her dad's hardware store.


  • Because her story takes place before Ethan's, the very first spoken line in the series technically belongs to her father, telling her to be good and that's she big now.
  • First of the Regents to visit Firetown in the series, though a few characters live there, like Aubrey.