Character of Regents Walk
Channing's Dad
Group Adults
Comic Pages Unknown
First Appearance School (Ch.1)
Family Channing (daughter)

Harper (daughter)
Sterling (son)

Friends Unknown

Channing's Dad is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He is a Japanese-American and grew up in Oregon.


As one of the heads of a local accounting firm, he works long hours, and when he is home, he often has little to talk about outside of what happened in the office on any given day. His parents wish that he would relax some for his kids' sake, but he simply shrugs off the suggestions, believing that he is no different from any other Japanese businessman despite his much different working location.

Appearances In Stories

He is first seen wishing Channing a good first day in School, and then running out of the house in a rush. The only other time he is seen is at dinner, where he complains about work despite his parents' constant insistence to keep work and private life separate. He has to work again during the Heritage Day parade, though Channing speculates that he's watching it from his office. 


  • He is the boss of Mr. Rejlander, Tom's dad, at an accounting firm located in the Willamette Union Tower downtown. He finds him to be a rather inept employee at times and complains about him.