Character of Regents Walk
Channing's Grandpa
Group Adults
Comic Pages Unknown
First Appearance School (Ch.1)
Family Channing (granddaughter)

Harper (granddaughter)
Sterling (grandson)

Friends Unknown

Channing's Grandpa is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He is a Japanese-American who moved with his family to America sometime prior to World War II.


After coming to America with his family some years before the war, he later spent a good portion of his adolescence at the Tule Lake internment camp, along with many other Japanese-Americans that were at worst seen as collaborators in Japan's attacks on the country and at best suspected of supporting their acts of war.

Though he describes those years as very rough, they didn't break his spirit and he remained a generally happy and kind person afterwards, at some point marrying his wife. Though his two older grandchildren frequently upset him and he thinks his son is far too focused on work, he cares very much for everyone in his family.

Appearances In Stories

In School, he is the primary link and teacher to his grandchildren's heritage; without him around they would probably feel no connection at all to their ancestral homeland of Japan. He seems particular disdainful of his older daughter's taste in pop culture.

At dinner, to provide some perspective for his grandchildren's petty complaints about their schools, he brings up his time spent in the internment camp. By mincing his words, he makes it sound like it was the school he went to as a child instead. His son knows on the outset what he's talking about and is kind of tired hearing about it.

He is later seen watching the Heritage Day parade with his wife.