Character of Regents Walk
Channing's Mom
Group Adults
Comic Pages Unknown
First Appearance School (Ch.1)
Family Channing (daughter)

Harper (daughter)
Sterling (son)

Friends Unknown

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Channing's Mom is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is Japanese-American and grew up in the United States. She seems to easily spoil her children and let some of their bad behavior slide.


Having raised two much older children first, Channing was had pretty late, and was considered a bit of a "surprise." Still, her mother dotes on her and enjoys having a young one around again. She often scolds her teenage children and their self-centered nature, but does little to correct the problem. With Channing, she's hoping to get things right and is less willing to spoil her, as much as she wants to.

She is on good terms with her workaholic husband and his parents, who visit often and she almost sees more of than him.

Appearances In Stories

She takes Channing to school on her first day in School, remarking that other kids' parents probably wouldn't appreciate them all getting ice cream on the first day. Later at dinner, she sounds off her disappointment on how her teenage children view others. She later takes her children and in-laws to the Heritage Day parade, but the kids don't stick around for long.


  • She bites her lip whenever she wants to help or spoil Channing in some way but knows she shouldn't.