Character of Regents Walk
Full Name Cody Lucille Blake
Birthday Sept. 14, 1980
Starring Chapter Unknown
Group Mains
Total Pages 14
Family Arlo (cousin)
Friends Unknown
Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown

Cody Blake is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is of African American descent. Her family has been in the area for around 30 years; her father is Arlo's father's brother and the two live next door to each other in nearly identical houses. She is one of the twelve Mains.


A student at Widow's Perch Elementary, Cody grew up right next to her cousin Arlo's house, within biking distance of the school and not far from Main Street. She is willing to fight any of her classmates, and doesn't like not getting her way. Her favorite thing in the whole world is her old video tape of Rocky, which she carries to school everyday.

Unlike her cousin, Cody grew up an only child, and is being molded into a perfect one by her parents (albeit with great difficulty).

Big Blue (Chapter One)

In Mrs. Hambridge's class, she shares the table with Tanya, Dora, and the empty chair where Jocelyn would be sitting. Arlo introduces Cody instead of letting her say anything during the Ms. Goodwin introduction scene. She later becomes the hero during the incident where a group of kids are making fun of Margaret and her name at recess, by breaking them up, giving her a chance to escape. She also tells Prissy to stop being mean to everyone, and upon asking Ethan and Aubrey if they were involved, which they weren't, they run off. She is later seen with Arlo as his computer partner during their first computer lesson.

During a show and tell presentation, she shows off her recorded video tape copy of her favorite movie, Rocky, and a little to Mrs. Hambridge's chagrin, emphasizes that she likes the fighting in it the most. She watches it often with her cousin Ilene, Arlo's older sister.

Appearances In Stories

In School, she tricks Edgar into burying a dollar his dad gave him in the playground mulch, so that it "grows" into more money. Once he walks away, she takes it, and gestures to Channing to keep quiet about it. She later tells Mrs. Hambridge that she liked tricking Edgar, but he doesn't understand what she did.



When their parents aren't watching, Cody will sometimes beat up Arlo just for fun. Other times, he "earns" it. Though the cousins fight sometimes, they do often rely on one another and don't tolerate any other kids picking on the other.


  • Ethan was bitten by her in kindergarten.