Illustrated and co-written by M. Dean, with Ian Dean as the other co-writer and the editor, the Regents Walk Comics are the primary vehicles of telling the story of the Coming Soon: Regents Walk universe, and follow the Mains. The series follows a few simple rules, taking place in one month, for twelve unique months total, and progressing through the years of 1987-2000. They are narratives, and character thoughts are presented through text and art, with unique perspectives that also take into account the current Star's age. All twelve Mains also have their unique colors, giving individuality to the shades of yellows and browns that are universal and seen throughout the series. Each comic follows a significant event in their lives, but they still progress as characters and play important parts in the stories of other Mains and Shadows as well as the series continues.

List of Comics

Ethan, November 1987 - Big Blue