Character of Regents Walk
Dr. Filmore
Group Principal
School Widow's Perch Elementary
Comic Pages 4
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
All Boss of all teachers at WPE

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Dr. Filmore is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. With a degree in child psychology, he has headed Widow's Perch Elementary since 1970. He believes in using rational problem solving rather than being the big scary guy in the principal's office, and is as patient and friendly as he possibly can be.


Hailing from Portland, Dr. Filmore has a reputation for raising the children under his watch with a calm head and understanding, instead of trying to strike the fear of a ruined future and employing unnecessary disciplinary action. While most kids still fear seeing the principal upon their first offense, repeat offenders who Dr. Filmore doesn't seem to be getting through tend to stop fearing being punished altogether. Some even eventually end up enjoying seeing him, though he will never stop trying to get through to any of them.

He interacts with the children often outside of his office, and is known for his sweater vests and shamelessly busting out into a "dad dance" in any instance where music is present. While some students find him "incredibly lame" and make fun of him, he retains the respect of the majority of them and their teachers.

Comic Appearances

He first appears in Big Blue, where he interrupts Ms. Goodwin's rehearsal with Mrs. Hambridge's class. He tries to no avail to calm down Aubrey's Dad when he demands his son to be taken out of the play.