Character of Regents Walk
Full Name Edgar Neal Rainman
Birthday January 2nd, 1981
Starring Chapter (Stories) Unknown
Group Shadows
Comic Pages 9
Family Leslie (Father)
Friends Unknown
Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown

Edgar Rainman is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He is of the "nerd set" and has large glasses, often accompanied by various metal pendants. He is the only child of Leslie Rainman, a local DJ and the "voice" of Widow's Perch. He is one of the twelve Shadows, so his tale will be part of the Stories written series.


Edgar spends many of his mornings at the local radio station before coming to Widow's Perch Elementary. His dad has odd, late work hours so the time they get to share is small. His mother is also busy, so he is often kept to his own devices. He has a love of pop music, but most other kids simply find him and his behavior strange and off-putting.

Big Blue (Chapter One)

Edgar's behavior is established early on, after calling out to Mrs. Hambridge without being called on first, and then later, during Ms. Goodwin's introduction scene, pretending to be a dinosaur as he gives her his name. He can later be seen sitting near Sam at lunch. Later during his first computer lesson, he is seen watching the introduction video and seems to be enthralled by it.

Appearances In Stories

Following his first few hours in Mrs. Hambridge's class in School, he has a biscuit stolen at lunch, by Tom, who eats it right in front of him. At the following recess, Cody tricks him into burying a dollar bill from his dad so that it will "grow and turn into more money." Once he's out of sight, she takes the money, laughs about it, and gestures to nearby Channing that she "didn't see a thing." Edgar still doesn't know what happened later on, when Cody straight out tells the teacher that she tricked him earlier.


Laverdiere Triplets

Being the neighbor of Adrian, Bennett, Candace, and their parents, Edgar also practically grew up in their house as well. He'll hang out with all three of them whenever he wants, but only Adrian really considers him cool anymore or someone to admire.