Character of Regents Walk
Full Name Ethan Kane MacDonald
Birthday June 18, 1981
Starring Chapter Big Blue (Ch.1)
Group Mains
Total Pages 71
Family Dad


Gemma (sister)

Friends Aubrey
Others "Uncle" Lyle
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown

Ethan MacDonald is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He starts off as a shy introvert but gradually opens up. He is one of the twelve Mains and is the Star of Big Blue.


Ethan is first seen as a quiet, thoughtful, and somewhat sad child. He narrates early on that he hasn't made any friends at Widow's Perch Elementary yet, despite having gone there for over a month.

Big Blue (Chapter One)

Ethan's starring chapter. Click here for the full synopsis.

Appearances In Stories

In Channing's chapter, School, he has a robot toy that he refuses to trade with her on the first day. Later, she observes that he's taken away in a dirty old van driven by a "scary beard man". She thinks she's never going to see him again, but he does show up on the next day, when he trips and drops his glasses.



Ethan is close to his dad at first, and having always known him to be missing his legs and confined to a wheelchair, thinks nothing of this fact. As Ethan's room is on the second floor, however, there is a strong disconnect because of how rarely he'll visit it. Ethan typically has dinner with his dad on the couch, while watching TV, and this is where most of their conversations are had together.


Ethan's father's fourth girlfriend is introduced as kind, if not a bit of a floozy. She is pregnant in Chapter One, and while she avoids alcohol, she still smokes. She takes Ethan to school in the mornings and gives him some back story (and the reader) of Widow's Perch Elementary, which has been rebuilt and is thus brand new and not the same school she attended as a child.


"Uncle" Lyle is like a second dad to Ethan in his young life; he is home so often that he doesn't really understand the difference. Whereas moms come and go and are temporary, Lyle is like Ethan's personal big strong teddy bear, and he motivates him more (and is more interested in his day) than anyone else in his life.

Long Distance Family

As his dad is a womanizer, Ethan has already had four "moms" when the story begins in 1987. One of them, Jenny, had a girl, Gemma, who is Ethan's older half-sister. They lived together for a few years, but now only talk to each other occasionally over the phone. She seems to still be caring and kind to him.


  • Ethan is the very first character seen in the main storyline (when not counting Modern Lad). Specifically, we open on his mouth.