Locations from Regents Walk
Ethan's House
Classification Residence
Area Southern Widow's Perch
Created 1950's
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
Ethan's House is where Ethan, one of the Mains, lives with his dad and whomever he happens to be dating at any given time. It is a small, old family house that isn't all that well maintained.

It has a wheelchair access ramp over the stairs in the front, a narrow porch, a carpeted living room, a combination kitchen-dining area with a table constantly cluttered by typed out rants from the nearby typewriter, and a small second floor that has no wheelchair access. Upstairs, there is a bathroom, an unused bedroom, and Ethan's bedroom, where his plastic army men live.


In Big Blue, we open on Ethan's morning ritual before heading off to school, getting a good look at the messy tables in both the kitchen and living room.