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Izzy Scott-Coven
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Izzy Scott-Coven is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is a frequent contributor to Widow's Perch Magazine, but not a full-time employee.


A native local, Izzy is in her mid-30's, has large, circular glasses, 1970's clothing with subdued colors, and is typically seen wearing a black shawl when in public. Known to be an eccentric, she has written at least ten self-published novels about the supernatural, and her short stories have been sold in small booklets for a dollar each at local bookstores. She has something of a following; large enough that the magazine usually sells 20% more copies than usual of issues in which she has an article about another strange, little known historical tidbit about Widow's Perch. Surprisingly, she seems to have connections and a very deep knowledge of local history, and she very rarely gets her facts incorrect.

Recently, however, she has written folklore and urban legend-oriented for October issues, which a far smaller audience takes seriously, and are indicative of a side of her that is less reason-based. Despite that, most readers still enjoy her October issue contributions for their entertainment value alone.

It is currently unknown if she will show up in person in the comic, but she will provide plenty of background material.

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