Character of Regents Walk
Lyle Countershot
Group Adults
Comic Pages 5
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
Friends Ethan's Dad
Others Ethan ("Nephew")

Lyle Countershot is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He is a Vietnam veteran and the closest friend to Ethan's Dad. The two fought in the Vietnam War together, although unlike him, he was proud to do so and was enlisted as opposed to drafted.


Lyle, despite a gruff appearance and some sharp (but non-partisan) political opinions, is actually a friendly, caring, and protective man at heart. He enjoys some simple vices but is involved in the local community, and is known for helping to produce PSA videos, especially relating to anti-drug education. He also heads the Widow's Perch homeless shelter, and helps local veterans.


Big Blue (Chapter One)

He first appears in the midst of another typical "guys' night" at the MacDonald household, talking casually with Ethan's Dad about topical political matters, the TV on in the background. On his way out with Karmen to get some fresh air, Lyle asks him to get more beer and then watches over Ethan as he talks to Gemma.



He has known Ethan (and his sister) since they were born, and has always been an uncle figure to them (to the point where they call him Uncle Lyle). He wants to see him turn into a fine and confident young man.

Ethan's Dad

His relationship with his Ethan's father is a long and complicated one that began back in boot camp. Years later, he has continued respect for him, even if he doesn't have it for himself, and will often drive him around town, help raise Ethan, and deal with other matters. They get together often, either at the house or at the local bars, but rarely agree on anything—although they keep all arguments relatively civil. Had they not bonded through the form of brotherhood in the military, they would likely have no reason to be friends. Lyle shows respect for the current woman in his life as well, no matter who she might be, and sometimes wonders how it is that he "hooks so many."


  • He is the first male adult character with a known first name to appear in the comic, though Leslie Rainman is the first one with dialogue (through the radio).


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