Character of Regents Walk
Mr. Foster
Group Administrative Assistant
School Widow's Perch Elementary
Comic Pages 2
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
All Unknown

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Mr. Foster is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. He maintains control over the cafeteria during lunchtime, and sometimes at recess as well, when no other teachers are available or have schedule conflicts. He can be a real terror to children, but without him, chaos could ensue.


"Scary old Mr. Foster" is the "man" to most kids; the enemy, who can never be defeated, and only kept away or hidden from. He hands out punishments to unruly kids, keeps the hallways secure, becomes an interim teacher to classes when the need arises, presides over lunchtime, and watches the playground from time to time. Children worry about getting on his bad side and suffering through one of his punishments, which include standing at the corners of the basketball court during recess, standing in the corners of the cafeteria, or standing in the middle of the library, out in the open.

Comic Appearances

He appears early in Big Blue, and watches over Mrs. Hambridge's class as they listen to Ms. Goodwin talk about the play they're going to be making. He scolds Prissy after she tries to introduce herself because Ms. Goodwin passed right over her.