Character of Regents Walk
Mrs. Hambridge
Group Teachers
School Widow's Perch Elementary
Comic Pages 15
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
All Unknown

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Mrs. Hambridge is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She teaches 1st grade at Widow's Perch Elementary, and is the first teacher seen in the series. Her class is the only one in which all Mains and Shadows shared together.


Mrs. Hambridge is a caring and friendly teacher, often seen in colorful woven vests and sweaters. She can fairly enforce discipline and has little patience for children acting out due to teaching older students for most of her career. She has won the school's teacher of the year award and is even recognized as one of the best first grade teachers in the county.

Comic Appearances

She teaches Ethan in Chapter One, along with all of the other Mains and Shadows. She is first seen telling her students about Thanksgiving, in a very simplified, standard kind-of-way. She is next seen during a math lesson that employs the use of counting bears. She later takes her class to Ms. Goodwin so they can start working on her Thanksgiving play, and on another day, takes them to the media center for their first computer lesson.

Later, on the morning that Aubrey shows up late for class, she asks her students to write a theme about what their families do for Thanksgiving. After that, she hosts a show and tell and experiences varying levels of interest as Prissy, Aubrey, Adrian, Cody, Dora, and Ethan present items brought from home.

Stories Appearances

She only appears on the first day of school in Channing's chapter, School, where she introduces herself and has the students perform a sharing and politeness exercise. Food poisoning makes her ill, and she has to call in a substitute the following day, who can't make heads or tails of her surprisingly complicated lesson plan.