Character of Regents Walk
Ms. Farthing
Group School Staff
School Widow's Perch Elementary
Comic Pages 4
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
All Unknown

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Ms. Farthing is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. She is the school librarian at Widow's Perch Elementary, a position that she has held for decades and that she first filled long before the school's reconstruction.


Ms. Farthing can appear grouchy to children, but she is really just by the book and strict. She likes to see students reading and learning, not using the library to goof off or waste time. Though she can navigate and update a card catalogue with nimble grace, she knows next to nothing about computers and only recites off a script and plays a video to educate students about the modern-age machines. However, she still understands that learning how to use them is important to the school's students.

Comic Appearances

In Big Blue, she is first seen guiding Mrs. Hambridge's class into the computer lab, where she introduces them to the donated machines and puts in a locally produced video tape that does most of the work for her.


  • A newspaper article written in 1985 which covers the new school's computer lab, refers to her as "Mrs." Farthing; she is a widow by the time the comic begins.