Character of Regents Walk
Ms. Kelly
Group Substitute Teachers
School Widow's Perch Elementary
Comic Pages Unknown
First Appearance School (Ch.1)
All Unknown

Ms. Kelly is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. A very minor character, she is a young and apparently somewhat inexperienced substitute teacher.

Stories Appearances

She only appears on the second day of school in Channing's chapter, School, who comes in after Mrs. Hambridge is stricken with food poisoning. Most of the kids have no concept of a substitute, but when Ms. Kelly is unable to figure out their teacher's lesson plan, she instead lets them watch two videos (Cosmos, Donald in Mathmagic Land) that she carries around for just such an emergency. Though the kids are excited about this prospect at first, they quickly grow bored and form groups in which to chat and play on their own. It's unknown if Kelly is her first or second name.