Welcome to the Regents Walk Wiki

This is the Wiki for the Coming Soon: Regents Walk series of comics and short stories. We have an introduction right here. Our official website is updated most Tuesdays with content in various forms. To follow updates, you can check out our Twitter and Tumblr pages.

The Wiki contains a plethora of background information on the town and its history, some of which is not even on the official website. Look for the Toot Boy head on articles with exclusive information.

Because the Wiki has just launched, we're looking for dedicated contributors and article proofreaders! We have enough content to cover the story so far, but the universe will expand quickly. One or two seasoned Wikia editors would also be great to have. I'm more interested in writing articles than making sure every little thing is perfect and clean, and if you have experience and ways of making the Wiki better and would like an Admin position, please send an email to regentswalkcomic -at- gmail. Thanks!

~ Ian


Not many guidelines yet as we've just started. Of course, kindly not vandalizing pages is one of them.

Currently you must be logged into a Wikia account to make edits; this may change in the future.

Official Updates

I will make corrections and minor changes anytime. Bigger Wiki-wide updates to reflect new comics/stories will usually be done, at the latest, over the weekend after new content is posted.

Latest activity

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