Character of Regents Walk
Full Name Thomas Richard Rejlander
Birthday October 10th, 1979
Starring Chapter Unknown
Group Mains
Total Pages 11
Family Unknown
Friends Unknown
Others Unknown
Elementary WPE
Middle Unknown
High Unknown

Thomas Rejlander is a fictional character in the Regents Walk comic series. His family moved from the Vancouver area of Canada several years ago, and he has few memories of his home country. Tom often makes fun of people, and is seen as a bit of a bully. As he is always taller and bigger than most of his classmates, he usually feels like an outcast. He is one of the twelve Mains.


Tom is introduced as a student repeating first grade at Widow's Perch Elementary, a failure that he tries to hide from others but inevitably gets around. Because of this, he is often called dumb, and this assumption makes him less likely to want to interact with others—much less in a nice manner.

He is sometimes mistaken for being poor (even though Ethan and Aubrey are worse off than he is) because of how he presents himself. In truth, his parents are simply rather neglectful and dull people, and he relies mostly on hand-me-downs from his older brother Liam and lame concert shirts from when his parents were "cool."

Big Blue (Chapter One)

A student in Mrs. Hambridge's class, Tom is in his second go-around in first grade, and is reluctant to try and make friends again after losing what few he had from last time. He also seems to have even done the Thanksgiving Play once before, but Ms. Goodwin doesn't seem to recognize him. At lunch the following day, after bumping into Ethan and calling him a geek, it's revealed by Candace that he's repeating this grade, and they assume that it's because he's dumb. Yolanda, a gossip, begins to spread this tidbit. At the following recess, he is one of the kids bullying Margaret about her name, and has some fun calling her a "squirmy wormy maggot". Later, in the computer class, he finds some simple enjoyment in making his computer blare out its monaural beeps as much as possible, which annoys nearby Sam.

Appearances In Stories

Tom has a strong presence in Channing's chapter. He is one of the first kids she meets, and she finds him rude and his breath stinky. He doesn't seem too excited about being here, but seems to have some knowledge of how things work, even mentioning that he has met the principal several times already (but doesn't elaborate). He later steals Edgar's biscuit at lunch and gets angry when called Tommy.



  • The oldest of the Regents and the only one to be born in the 70's.
  • He is also one of only three Mains/Shadows (Dora and Indira are the others) to be born out of the area; in Canada.