Things of Regents Walk
Toot Boy holding a Toot
Type Dessert Beverage
Owner Typically Children (temporary)
First Appearance Unknown
Last Seen Unknown
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Toots are a favorite beverage of Pacific Northwest children everywhere. A staple of a small chain of some twenty establishments that combine the diner, gas station, and truck stop experience, Toots are a combination of a milk shake, one of three choices of soda, additional syrup, and other ingredients depending on the variation of the drink.

Types of Toots


The famous local drink with the standard ingredients as listed above. It was the only type of Toot from the drink's creation in 1951 up until 1976 when customers desired a new alternative. Remains the most popular variety. Typically mixed with Pepsi, but can also use Root Beer or Dr. Pepper. Has the second highest calorie count of all varieties.


Arriving in 1976, it replaces the soda with Toot Stop brand coffee for a morning pick-me-up. The preferred choice for customers over 20.

Fuel Injector

Demanded by video gaming teenagers in 1992, this is a Red Bull infused beverage designed for long sessions of college cramming… or in most cases, video game marathons.

It is not allowed to be sold in bigger sizes than Super.


The Toot Stop also introduced the blended ice Toot in 1992 to compete with the rising popularity of 7-11 Slushies that were taking away business. It replaces the soda for a very slightly less unhealthy drink than the classic.


A Toot with marshmallow cream and toppings arrived for the holiday season in 1980, but it never actually went away and is available all year. The marshmallow Toot has the highest calories of any variation.

Pumpkin spice, gingerbread, egg cream (for Easter), and Toots with pink (Valentine's Day) or green (St. Patrick's day) coloring also become available during certain times of the year.



The smallest available, designed for young children and health conscious adults. A Toot Junior Classic will "only" have around 300 calories. The cup (rather passive aggressively) has the Toot Boy sucking a pacifier.


The traditional size, most popular between the ages of 6-12. A classic will give the drinker 500 calories.

Super Toot

Teenagers are frequently seen in groups drinking this sized Toot, which sports around 800 calories alone.

Mega Toot

Adults are advised to never buy this size for their children, and it is geared more towards truckers' needs. Should one dare to down a Classic Mega Toot, they will be looking to burn off 1300 calories.

Bucket Toot

Truckers eventually asked for a size that represented the cup Toot Boy himself seems to be holding. It does not appear on the menu and those who ask for it must display an official commercial truck driving license. It has to rest in a passenger seat and consuming one in its entirety will add around 2000 calories to its brave victim.