Things of Regents Walk
Toot Boy
Type Mascot
Owner Toot Stop Inc.
First Appearance Unknown
Last Seen Unknown
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Toot Boy is a spritely lad dressed in a Train Engineer outfit, holding and looking at a Toot beverage thirstily. He is also something of a mascot for the Regents Walk comic itself.

When the first Toot Stop (a truck stop along the highway) opened its doors in 1951 in Boring, Oregon, it did so with the boy gracing its fifty-foot sign. He became an instant small town celebrity.

He has remained unchanged since his original conception, and is now seen outside and inside of twenty restaurants in small town and rural areas of Washington and Oregon, including its branch in Widow's Perch, where a poll was taken among school children in 1985.

In that poll, 87% of the participants could identify Mickey Mouse, where as 79% knew Toot Boy; a close contest.