Things of Regents Walk
Willamette Learns!
Type VHS Series
Owner Ladislav Productions
First Appearance Big Blue (Ch.1)
Last Seen Big Blue (Ch.1)
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A video series funded by Widow's Perch's "patriarch"  Mr. Lyons, Willamette Learns! is an educational program created by Ladislav Productions throughout the 1980's, on a fairly small budget. Ms. Farthing shows Mrs. Hambridge's class a video from the series that serves as an introduction to the IBM computer system.

A costumed character called Mr. K.B. Floppy Disk teaches some teenagers about the wonders and capabilities of the computer. As in Channing's story, Adrian expresses joy after getting to see a "movie" at school, in response to Ms. Farthing showing the video to the students as their first computer lesson.